Another early start, but strangely I don’t feel jet lagged – just excited and nervous about the prospect of trying to find the perfect engagement ring for Debbie. Having spent the last year thinking about my proposal to Debbie and digging for clues I already have a rough idea of what the perfect engagement ring will look like. I can visualise it now in my mind’s eye.

So after breakfast it was time to pay a visit to a particular jewellers in Dubai. I’m not going to tell you where it is, but if you’re a professional footballer or celebrity who has visited Dubai then the chances are you’ve probably bought something from this particular jewellers.

As I made my way into the jewellers I was unsure as to how I would accurately communicate the image of perfection that I had in my mind and then as if by chance I caught a glimpse of what I was looking for in the window. Well almost, the ring in the window was a different material and the diamond wasn’t quite right, but it was still a good starting point.

After an introduction to the manager and an explanation of what was required I was presented with a collection of different diamonds. After some time comparing different cuts, sizes and colours I found the diamond I was looking for. No matter which way you looked at it this diamond sparkled, it felt right and I knew that it would look beautiful on Debbie’s finger.

The manager gave me and my Aunt a drink, before discussing my expectations with one of his colleagues. I was then escorted to an adjoining building which contained the jeweller’s workshop and over the next hour watched in fascination as Debbie’s engagement ring was created from scratch to my exact specification by some highly skilled master craftsmen.

Upon returning to the jewellers I watched as the manager was presented with the engagement ring. He checked it over to ensure that it met my exact requirements and then invited me to inspect the diamond under a microscope. I could clearly see that inscribed into the middle of the diamond was a unique serial number – this certified that this was not a conflict diamond. I was then presented with the engagement ring in a beautiful wooden box and all of the documentation that accompanied this beautiful ring.

The entire experience of witnessing Debbie’s engagement ring being created from scratch was unbelievable and made the ring feel even more special – it was truly unique.

After paying for the engagement ring I made my way back to Liz’ Humvee, gripping the bag containing the engagement ring and documentation as tightly as I could. I then gave my Mum a call to let her know that I had not only found the perfect engagement ring, but had also seen it being created. I don’t think I’ve ever heard my Mum sound as excited as she was during this 10 minute phone call.

After an afternoon chilling out in Liz’ apartment we headed out to The Dubai Mall to catch up with some of Liz’ friends. In terms of leasable area The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall and is part of the $20-billion Burj Khalifa complex.

We decided to eat at Karam Beirut, a wonderful Lebanese restaurant situated next to the Dubai Fountain and at the foot of the Burj Khalifa – the World’s tallest building. If you’re ever in Dubai I highly recommend that you visit this restaurant, sit outside and take in the atmosphere and views.

Back at the apartment I completed my online check-in and packed my backpack ready for the next part of my adventure. Tomorrow I fly to Thailand and I cannot wait to see Debbie!