Magento Connect is a wonderful marketplace where a plethora of fantastic extensions are available for installation.

Some of these extensions will cost you some hard earned cash, whilst most are free and can significantly enhance your online shop / make life easier.

To install a Magento extension in version you need to sign in and accept the associated license agreement. Once you’ve done this you’re ready to get the extension key.

However, if you try this you’ll notice that when generating an extension key for Magento Connect 1.0, a key in the following format is produced:


and if you attempt to copy and paste this into your Magento Connect Manager the following error message will be displayed once you’ve clicked the install button:

‘Invalid server response for http://magento-community’

I’ve discovered an easy work around for this issue, simply paste your Magento Connect 1.0 extension key minus the ‘magento-‘ prefix. What you’ve pasted should resemble:


If you click install, your extension should start to install.

Always take care when installing Magento extensions and be sure to backup your online shop and database to a staging or local server first.