Sometimes it can be difficult running a business and making sure that all of your company & professional social media profiles are kept up to date. Here’s a selection of popular social networks:

Facebook Social Media
Twitter Social Media
Pinterest Social Media
Google+ Social Media
LinkedIn Social Media
Instagram Social Media
YouTube Videos

To make life easier I will update any of your company social networks in the following ways:

  1. £199 per month (daily update)
  2. £150 per month (3 updates per week)
  3. £99 per month (2 updates per week)
Discuss Your Social Media Requirements

FAQ: What if I get you to update multiple social networks on my behalf, for example, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn? Do I get a discount?

Yes! Here are the discount rates I offer for multiple social network updates

  1. 2 social networks (e.g. Facebook & Twitter)
    Up to £50 discount
  2. 3 social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn)
    Up to £100 discount
  3. 4 or more social networks.
    Call me for a special rate.
Discuss Your Social Media Requirements