We’re nearing the end of the tournament. You can download the semi finals prediction sheet here.

There are 15 participants in this Euro 2012 prediction game. You can download a spreadsheet showing each participant’s predictions here.

This spreadsheet also contains predictions for the golden boot, tournament winner and tournament runner-up.

Prize money will be distributed as follows:

1st: £60
2nd: £40
3rd: £30
4th: £10
5th: £10

At the end of the tournament, if two or more players are tied in a prize money position then correct prediction of the golden boot winner will be used to decide who wins the prize money. If players are still tied then the money will be shared equally.

After each day’s games the following table will be updated to show which participants are in the prize money positions.


Player Points
1. Matt Santer 24
2. John O’Neil 22
3. Steve O’Neil 22
4. Aaron Scott 22
5. Gerard O’Neil 21
6. Paul McConnell 20
7. Luke James 19
8. Danny Dyer 19
9. Paul Sweeney 19
10. Mark Dumbleton 19
11. Stuart Greene 18
12. David O’Neil 18
13. Matt Blenford 17
14. Tom Steward 16
15. Josh O’Neil 12

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